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Professor Hans van Meerten

Prof. Dr. H. van Meerten, (1974) is a professor European Pension Law at Utrecht University and a Dutch bar admitted lawyer.

He deals with EU and Dutch Pension - and Financial Law.

Hans has extensive knowledge of pension and financial law, and the various aspects of EU-legislation and processes. One of his special areas of expertise is the EU legislation regarding pensions and the cross-border activities of financial institutions. He focusses mainly on the IORP and the PEPP.

Hans wrote and invented as a civil servant the legislation regarding the Dutch DC IORP, the Premium Pension Institution (PPI). He was also involved in the Brussels negotiations on the Services Directive, the IORP I, the Solvency II Directive and the EU Treaty negotiations of Nice and the European Constitution.

Per 4 September 2018 he is a member of the OPSG of EIOPA where he deals with various pension and financial issues.

Besides the supervision of (Ph.D). students, Hans publishes regularly in (inter-) national journals on EU Law, retirement, financial legislation and supervision. He and his team currently perform studies on consumer law vis-a-vis pension products, the PEPP and the IORP II. He is also part of the 'Financial Law Hub' of Sdu publishers.

Most of his work you find here (more than 100 (peer reviewed) article:

Hans also assists individuals and financial undertakings in and outside the court and lectures on EU and Pension Law throughout Europe, the US and China.

Juraj Hrbatý, CFA

Finax, CEO

Juraj graduated in financial management and worked as a professional tennis umpire early in his career. Today, however, he is a financier through body and soul and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) post-graduate certification for investment and financial professionals. He spent his first ten years gaining experience in senior positions at investment companies and became Vice Chairman of the Association of Securities Dealers in Slovakia. In 2018, he founded Finax, making it easy for every household to invest in index ETFs. In addition to running the company, today he is also dedicated to spreading financial literacy. Read the full story of Juraj Hrbatý.

Keynote Speakers